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AE&T: School Application, Education Consulting, Summer Camps, Document Writing, Translation, Interpretation, Notarization, and Qualifications Assessment
Our Service: 
American Educaton and Translation Service (AET) provides a full range of consultation services for foreign students interested in attending a high school or a university in Massachusetts (especially Boston and surrounding area), California especially San Diego and surrounding area, Florida (especially Miami, Tampa and surrounding area), Georgia (especially Atlanta and surrounding area) or nationwide.
Besides, AET provides translation, interpretation and document writing/editing services for all of your linguistic needs. Our staffs have prepared documents for many multinational corporations, law firms and institutions of higher education throughout North America, as well as, a wide variety of foreign countries. All of our translators and consultants have advanced degrees from prestigious universities in the United States and abroad. They are experts in the language of their specialization and have extensive experience in working with foreign credentials, especially academic credentials.
Study in America: 
Applying: Universities, Graduate Schools, Private/Public High Schools.
Application Document Writing: By language experts and native speakers.
Other Services: Airport transportation, parent agent, find a house, emergency handling, short term housing, education consulting.
Northeast US Summer Camp Agent: Summer camp application, visa counseling, airport transportation, travel insurance, etc.
Training: English training, professional training.
Translation Service and Price: 
Document Translation and Notarization: $50 up each, 10% off for 2 and more.
Interpretation: Law, medicine, education, business, technology, Travel, telephone, etc. $45 up per hour.
Translation: Covers fields: general, science & technology, finance & economy, medicine, law, etc. English to Chinese: $0.10~$0.20 /word. Chinese to English: $0.08~$0.18/Chinese character (500 Chinese characters up).
High Quality Document Writing/Editing: 
Application documents, immigration letters, business documents, advertisement...
Research Papers Review: (Welcome professionals to join us) 
Papers Publication Service: Provides with both technical and literal support.
Papers Revision Service: Focusing on literal express.

Business hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am - 12:30pm
Address: 6 Pleasant St,Suite 418, Malden, MA 02148, US
Phone: 781-605-1970 , 781-712-0258
Member since: 2010

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