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Boston Education Resources (BER) provides timely quality local support services for our students to ensure a smooth transition. BER assists students to identify local resources and help students to benefit from them in short time. BER guides student culturally and linguistically appropriate means to break social isolation they may experience as a new comer.
Our Advantage
BER takes time to know the school system well and work with the school administration to create structure to ensure the quality study experience for each student. BER advocates for the students professionally and strongly. BER only places students to a school with excellent culture and tradition, academic rigors with strong support.
Our Service
 Promote the best educational resources in the New England states. The goal is to create best quality international education experiences to students and families.
 Build connection with the students and parents through ongoing and culturally appropriate communication.
 Arrange private tours, accommodations and travel plannings. Provide personalized college education planning and college campus tours.

Address: 86 Bower St, Malden, MA 02148
Phone: 617-785-0538
Member since: 2009


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