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The Chyten Center
Since 1984 Chyten Educational Services has helped over 40,000 students achieve academic success with its proprietary formula of master’s degree tutors and powerful self-styled curriculum. Its visionary founder Neil Chyten brings his unique brand of strategic thinking to the new Common Core, and new PSAT, SAT and ACT. 

“I’ve never heard anything but very high praise and gratitude from both students and their parents.” 
– Marilyn McGrath Lewis, Harvard University, Director of Admissions

Summer Program 
 Newton     Lexington      Wellelesy
 High School Programs including SAT, ACT and New SAT.
 Middle School Programs including writing, reading, math and ISEE/SSAT prep.
 Elementary School Programs including all day theme based sessions.
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The new redesigned SAT debuts in March, 2016. And while this means that students in the class of 2017 have several viable options (ACT, SAT or New SAT) there are no options for this October’s PSAT test takers. All class of 2017 PSAT test takers will be introduced to the new PSAT, with completely new questions fully aligned with the New SAT.

Free Online Assessment 
New PSAT, New ACT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT and AP. Take Chyten’s free online assessment test and then talk to a Chyten advisor to see which program is best for you.
RANDD Reading and Study Skills Program 
Chyten’s RANDD Reading and Study Skills Program provides students with a lifetime’s worth of reading, writing, test taking and learning skills in just 14 one-hour sessions. RANDD teaches students to read faster, study smarter, test better, write better, remember more and manage their time more efficiently. With its comprehensive approach to reading, studying and learning, RANDD can help students set new goals, reach new heights and realize their true potential.

College Admissions Counseling 
Applying to college can be both a confusing and stressful activity. Chyten college counselors can help to relieve the stress that families feel by managing the entire admissions process. Since our expert college admissions advisors know precisely which qualities colleges are looking for, we are able to weigh each family's priorities in order to identify "best fit" colleges. We then help students highlight the most appropriate characteristics that will make them highly attractive candidates.

Chyten’s ESTEEM programs build academic skills and confidence through programs students love, rather than through mindless memorization. Imagine learning to write, build, own, manage and create everything from storefronts to business plans to websites to books – yes books! In doing so, students strengthen skills that exceed virtually all CCSS Common Core requirements. ESTEEM stands for English, Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurialism and Mathematics.

About Chyten Educational Services
Since 1984 Chyten Educational Services has helped over 40,000 students achieve academic success with its proprietary formula of master's degree tutors and powerful self-styled curriculum. Founder Neil Chyten brings his unique brand of strategic thinking to the new Common Core, and new PSAT, SAT and ACT. Chyten brings order to the chaos surrounding Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and testing. The CCSS initiative seeks to standardize education through high school in order to better prepare students for college and careers. Chyten writes its own curriculum for test prep and academic advancement. With company owned locations in the Northeast and franchise locations throughout the United States, Chyten offers programs from elementary through high school.

Wechat: infochyten
Address: 858 Walnut Street, Newton, MA 02459
1723 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420
462 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482
Phone: 800-428-8378 , 877-401-0888(中文专线)
Member since: 2013

10/10 FK Newton A very good program to expand the writing, research, and presentation skills. An amazing teacher, Dr. Griffin! 9/10 Mike P Our son's scores improved significantly after several one-on-one tutoring sessions prior to the SAT. Since the tests were <90 apart, much of this improvement was likely due to improved "test taking" techniques imparted during the tutoring sessions. 10/10 Betsy P The act vs. sat diagnostic test was incredibly helpful in choosing which one is better for my daughter.

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