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NC Global Education, founded by industry icon Neil Chyten, is one of the most revolutionary tutoring and test prep companies in the nation. Neil Chyten has completely rewritten the book on test taking strategies for all major tests including ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, TOEFL, SAT Subjects Tests and others. It is the first major tutoring and test prep company to combine personalized learning in the form of the 50-Point Plan with Socratic teaching methodology to improve and enhance assimilation of new and effective math, reading, and writing skills, strategies, and techniques.

Neil Chyten has dedicated his 34-year career in education to helping families reach and exceed their expectations on tests and admissions. As a tutor and college and private school admission consultant, Neil Chyten has worked with over 1000 students, many of whom have gone on to prestigious colleges and rewarding careers. Over his extensive career, he has trained more than 400 tutors and counselors who have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and college acceptances. More than 1000 of these students have earned perfect test scores and matriculated to Ivy League colleges and universities, and thousands more have gone on to attend all the top colleges and graduate schools in America.

Each and every student is an individual, with individual strengths, weaknesses, traits, and tendencies. NC Global recognizes this, and places personalized learning squarely at the center of our instructional pedagogy. At NC Global, tutoring students are unique, not treated like grains of sand on a beach—each one no different from the next. Each NC Global student receives an individualized learning plan – a 50-Point Plan – that guides instruction, homework, practice tests, and tutoring sessions.
At NC Global, small group instruction is collaborative, based on the Socratic method used worldwide at many of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. At NC Global, instruction is achieved through guided, collaborative discussion instead of a lecture. Students listen, learn, teach, share, question, and answer. The class arrives at solutions collaboratively, using proprietary strategies that are logical, sensible, debated, discussed, and, ultimately, assimilated by all.

A True Personalized Learning Plan----50-Point Plan

The NC Global 50-Point Plan
A tutoring program in which every lesson is customized to help each student reach a specified goal, in which the teaching method employed matches each student’s learning style, in which each student’s individual strengths and challenges are considered when the lesson plan is designed, and in which progress is measured and adjustments are made before every lesson is called the NC Global Education 50-Point Plan!


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  • Identifying Best Fit Private School
  • Elite Private School Admissions
  • Test Preparation
  • College Applications
  • Best Fit Colleges
  • Grade Based Plans
  • SAT Test Prep & Tutoring
  • SAT Subject Test Prep
  • ACT Test Prep & Tutoring
  • ISEE Test Prep & Tutoring
  • SSAT Test Prep & Tutoring
  • PSAT Test Prep & Tutoring
  • AP Test Prep & Tutoring
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Subject Specific Tutoring

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Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 9:00pm

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Address: 547 Hollis Street, Framingham, MA 01702
Phone: (833) 888-6232 , 800-469-1028
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