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Angelina Xu: MBA degree in US, with Real Estate Broker License, have almost 15 years experience in doing estate agent, investment, management, financing, etc.

She has been well received because of her professional attitude to put customer benefits in the first place. She is also the founder of "Promised Land Realty Gorup LLC". The company mainly provide real estate transaction and lease management services. And also it give supporting services for customers such as Design Decoration, Inspection of Investment Property, Business Cooperation,Study Abroad and Investment Immigration.

If you want to do anything about Real Estate Transaction in Massachusetts typically in Great Boston area, our club will offer you full range of help. You would never regret to choose us!

Address: 1620 Beacon Street, Ste. #1, Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-958-1628
Member since: 2013

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