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Hundred houses sold with a humble heart and dedicated service.

Wenny Fu Zhang is the Top 5 Real Estate Agent in greater Boston area

“Once customers, forever friends.”

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3.”

Serving Areas:
Lexington, Belmont, Winchester, Newton, Acton, Brookline and more

Address: 310 Highland Ave Somerville MA 02144
Phone: 781-530-6188
Member since: 2013

We got our house after 10 months of searching - thank you Wenny! Wenny is quite experienced, and she is concise and straightforward, which we are very fond of. She concisely tell us the procs and cons of a house and her recommendation, does not push us to offer. We probably will not get this house without her encouragement! She is also knowledgeable on house reparing, ie, what needs to be done at what price range, which we benefit a lot. Thanks
like Wenny just after the first phone call. Her answers are very short and to the point, give me a confidence on her experience. In the whole process, Wenny behaves as she is buying house for her own family. Wenny provides full service, recommends her customers the best inspector and contractors. One month after inspection, I wrote an email to my inspector to ask a question, he replied me a very lengthy email to explain everything, which surprised me very very much. Wenny is a very kind and humble person. I will use Wenny as my agent if I need buy or sell house again.
Thank you very much for your help on the purchase of our first house. You respond to our email and phone quickly and take actions fast and efficient. For the first time home buyer like us, we always have a lot of questions. You are patient and knowledgeable. You have deep insight about the real estate market, and the cost of house maintenance, as well as the network of contractors. We have moved into our now home and we like it very much. I will definitely recommend you to our friends.


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