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About Dr. Zhijia Yuan:
Dr. Zhijia Yuan has more than thirty years of clinical experience as a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology. This unique practice is based on an accurate diagnosis, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs. It aims to be the most simple and effective treatment for a variety of muscle, joint, bones, and soft tissue traumas, strains, or pains.

Dr. Zhijia Yuan has graduated from a famous Chinese medical university in the 1980s, called Zhongshan Medical College (Class of 1977). He has studied under the founder of China's Sports Medicine, professor Mianyu Qu, who headed the "National Sports Medicine Advanced Studies programs". He has been a full-time student, under the president of the Guangdong Sports Hospital, and the Chinese Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine division, professor Xiao Ouyang. Dr. Zhijia Yuan has also learned from Guangdong sports division's famous director of orthopedic medicine, Rongrui Chen. His efforts have earned him the title, "Attending Physician of Sports Medicine", by the Guangdong Provincial Committee.

Dr. Yuan has been directly involved in the training of professional athletes on a national level, doing medical care and sports injury prevention work, for more than ten years. This has provided him a wealth of clinical experience, especially in rapid management of pains, and speedier recoveries for athletes. His effectiveness at treating sports injuries, and allowing athletes to rapidly return to training conditions, plus accumulating a wealth of clinical experience, make him a rarity, with his unique skills in high demand.

Dr. Zhijia Yuan has a solid foundation in medicine, with a rich clinical experience. He has independently developed the "Modern Therapy of Trauma", using accurate Western diagnostic techniques as basis, while combining with practical Chinese medical treatments. The therapy effectively manages all types of injuries, and makes it the most comprehensive therapy using traditional techniques. It eases the patients' pains, and avoids or reduces the necessity for surgery, as well as oral medications. This lessens the time for postoperative recovery, minimizes secondary diseases or infections, and decreases the chances of adverse drug reactions. The therapy gives patients a speedier return to work, studies, and life.

KIND Traumotology Recovery Center

  • Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology;
  • Thirty years of clinical experienc;
  • Treatments for muscle, joint, bones, and soft tissue traumas, strains, or pains;
  • Specialized in sports Injury with rapid management of pains, and speedier recoveries for athletes

Our Services

  • Any kind of soft tissue acute or chronic injury of musculoskeletal system.
  • Fractures; Joint dislocation; Sequelae of fracture or dislocation.
  • Cervical spondylopathy; Scapulocervical pain; Upper extremity numbess; Scapulohumeral periarthritis.
  • Back pain; Chronical stain of the lumbar muscles; Lumbocrural pain;
  • Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc; Degeneration or stain of the intervertebral disc;
  • Sciatica; Olisthe of the superior clunial nerves; Piriformis syndrome.
  • Strain of the knee joint; Chondromalacia of patellae;
  • Enthesopathy of apex patellae; Injury of the meniscus;
  • Painful heels; Peritenonitis of Achilles tendon; Plantalgia.
  • Any myofascitis; Any kind of arthritis.
  • Acute or chronic inflammation of any tendon, tendon sheath, aponeurosis, bursa.
  • Muscular pain and tighten after work; Fatigue syndrome.

Business hours:

By appointment only.
Please call at 617-338-0028 (请打电话预约)

Address: 42 N. Central Ave., Quincy, MA 02170
Phone: 617-338-0028
Member since: 2014
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